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Who We Are

Our Story

Hannah & Tiff is a European brand persuades the ideal of a reflection of all the places, people and memoirs met along way our journey. The founder, Tiffanie Pham, moved to London from Hanoi over a decade ago and fell in love with the city while still reminiscing about her hometown in Vietnam.

Hannah & Tiff tells the story of the childhood, memories of a living-faraway-from-home Vietnamese in a Western world observing all the old, the new and everything in between.

Looking fondly to its ancestral home, we take pride in preserving our heritage through exquisite craftsmanship in hand quilting and embroideries as we look to the future, collaborating with native contemporaries on exclusive prints. To be explored, to be discovered and to be cherished are our vision when creating each pieces.

So here is to new journey to the East and further away.


Hannah & Tiff



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